Ishihara Marine Products Co., Ltd.

Company Profile


Head Office (Yaizu Factory)

Address : 2-5-2, Yagusu, Yaizu, Shizuoka, 425-0091, Japan

TEL : +81-54-629-7420 FAX :+81-54-629-0771


President : Nobuyasu SAWAIRI (Mr.)

“Sashimi” Division

“Sashimi”, one of most famous foods of Japan, is our main product and we have sold our products since 1964.

We have experience, long history, and proud for our product.

  Examples : Tuna Loin, Skipjack Loin, Seared Tuna, Seared Skipjack

“Original Seafoods” Division

We have our own original sea food products which other companies can not produce, developed by our team.

Examples : Cheese skipjack, Tuna Cheese. FIsh Slice for Sushi